Little-Snowbirds-Book-CoverMeet Erin: a 32-year-old corporate cube dweller disenchanted with the life she’s created for herself. Eventually, she did the one thing she knew in her heart she had to do—she planned her escape and took her boyfriend, Patrick, along for the ride.

Little Snowbirds: A Love Story on Wheels is the story of a young couple who throw off the shackles of conventional wisdom to experience life on the edge—living like retired Snowbirds.


photo by David Kinder (

This funny and heartwarming tale takes armchair travelers on a fantastic, 18-month RV road trek around the U.S. as Erin and Patrick search the highways for a new perspective on life. The trip awakened within them a new appreciation of the world of possibilities. Although they run into obstacles along the entire path, rather than give up, they press forward, learning along the way to trust the process and one another.


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