Fond Memories of Harlingen, Texas

LS-HarlingenBOne of my readers just reached out to tell me that she was enjoying my RV travel memoir Little Snowbirds: A Love Story on Wheels–especially the part where we spent a month as Winter Texans in Harlingen, Texas.

Estela, my reader, hails from that part of Texas so that chapter means more to her. I love how certain parts of the book speak to certain people based on their familiarity with certain areas. I personally have favorite places that we’ve visited based on former memories.

When we were in Harlingen, we spent most of our time hunkered down in the RV park. Whether we were just reading old magazines underneath the awning of our motorhome, Tigs, or we got out and about and socialized with our neighbors, we have many fond memories of our time spent in Harlingen, Texas.

Some highlights included just hanging out on our sunny RV pad.

LS-HarlingenA LS-HarlingenC LS-HarlingenD

We got in with the shuffleboard gang!




Recreational opportunities were everywhere.


And Happy Hours were all the rage.



Even something as simple as getting the mail was a festive event.


We also got a chance to venture into Mexico a few times. Once on a group bike trip!

LS_WP_bike-tour LS-HarlingenH

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