Did we run into young RVers in 2002?

Question for Erin: When you were living the RV lifestyle full-time, did you ever run into RVers that were your age?

A: We were fulltiming in 2002-3.  Patrick was 29 and I was 32. At that time it was actually pretty rare for us to run into full-time RVers that were our age. We mostly hung out with retired RVers because we tended to hang in the same places that they gathered, like RV parks, Quartzsite, etc.


For instance, we spent a month wintering in Harlingen, Texas, in an RV park While the park was mostly filled with retired Snowbirds, there was one younger full-timing couple that we ran into–Marta and Clete, hailing from Colorado. You can read all about them in Little Snowbirds.

Since the RV park catered to retired living, most of our social activities revolved around what the older crowd liked to do–like playing shuffleboard and biking tours into Mexico.


We ran into plenty of younger weekend warriors though. We did run across some younger folks when we worked the pumpkin and Christmas tree lots. Probably because it was the first time we stopped and worked.


These days there are tons of younger full-time RVers because it’s so much easier to stay connected and earn a living on the road. Living a mobile lifestyle is just so much more manageable than it was even 10 years ago.


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