Why did I choose an RV trip?

From time to time, I’ll answer some common questions I get about our road trip. Here’s a very common question:

Q: Where did you get the idea to take an RV road trip?


A: I’ve always been a sucker for road trips. As long as I can remember, the open road has called my name. As a kid growing up in Nebraska, my family and I would take Griswold style road trips on a regular basis. We’d visit exotic places like Iowa, Missouri and South Dakota. Sometimes we’d even point our car south, all the way to Florida.  When I was old enough to navigate my own road trip adventures, I’d plan escapes often. I still do! While living in Charleston, SC, years ago, I realized my Lowcountry life was becoming a drag. All I could think of was planning my escape. Once the idea of an RV trip cemented itself to my brain, there was no going back. I had actually done an RV road trip with my ex years before this Little Snowbirds escape. So the idea of an RV escape was something I could easily wrap my mind around.  And it made the most sense at the time.


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